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Kriya Nextwealth provides end-to-end retail business services to enterprise eCommerce companies around the globe.

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The world’s best eCommerce retailers depend on Kriya Nextwealth






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Building the future of eCommerce today

Large eCommerce operations must demand an unprecedented amount of automation and fexibility from their workforce to be successful.

Kriya Nextwealth provides you with an expertly-trained and highly diverse workforce that is the backbone of a global eCommerce operation. We take the lead on building better AI, validating catalog quality, managing accounting, and optimizing your supply chain.

By deploying a strategic mix of a fexible workforce and AI-powered optimizations, we'll help you grow your revenue while reaping huge savings in your operational budgets.

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Why choose Kriya Nextwealth?

World-class quality

Kriya Nextwealth helps the world’s top eCommerce companies cut waste and build profit with a proprietary mix of highly-trained staff and strategic automation.

Elastic workforce

Our fexible workforce lets you get help exactly when and where you need it. Seamlessly scale up to meet demand and scale back to save on expenses.

End-to-end support

From sourcing to sales to advanced reporting dashboards, Kriya Nextwealth helps you optimize each link in your chain to minimize loss and maximize profit.

Cost optimisation

Kriya Nextwealth’s optimizations can save you millions. Leverage the advantage of a highly-trained and fexible workforce to grow your bottom line.

This is what optimized eCommerce looks like:


Sell more with Enriched Data

Let the data drive your merchandising decisions and reap the rewards with higher sales. We use a combination of AI tools and a human workforce to get products online faster, track your competitors and boost peformance.

Optimized site category structure

Accelerated product onboarding

Enhanced product search

Personalized product recommendations

Automated competitive pricing & insights


Streamline your accounting

Leverage a fexible workforce to manage your financial transactions from start to finish. Our team helps you increase efficiency and quality at each step, to accelerate your revenue cycle and give you real-time insights into cash flow.

Procure to pay

Order to cash

Record to report

Advanced reporting & dashboards


Efficiency drives profit

Optimize each step in your supply chain to ensure your costs and timelines are both predictable and smaller than ever. From sourcing to shipping, our expert team and analytical tools boost the efficiency of your operations.

Data-driven inventory planning

Sourcing/procurement assistance

Optimized picking & packing

Inbound and outbound shipping

Custom reporting & dashboards


Create valuable relationships

We help you deliver an exceptional customer experience to build trust, boost sales and increase LTV. Plus, cultivate and develop profitable relationships with vendors, marketplaces, and more.

Multi-lingual phone, chat & email services

Next-generation AI chatbot training

Ongoing maintenance and service calls

Vendor outreach, onboarding & sourcing

Pre-purchase, payment & post-purchase support

Build better
eCommerce AI

Meet Kriya Nextwealth's secret weapon

Working with our data-labeling partner Taskmonk.ai, we can help you build game-changing AI applications faster, and for a fraction of the price. Using AI-optimized processes and a no-code task builder, you can collect high-quality data to train all of your algorithms, from enhanced search to competitive intelligence.

Get the data-driven advantage you need to leave the competition behind.

Personalize product

Monitor competitive
pricing & assortments

Optimize your catalog
and site structure

Train multi-lingual

Enable autonomous

Extract product attributes
from photos

See how we can level-up your AI development

Who is Kriya Nextwealth?

Powering the world from unexpected places

Kriya Nextwealth is an ecommerce solutions provider for some of the world’s biggest and best eCommerce brands.

Our mission is to optimize your operations to boost sales and proft through a proprietary mix of AI-boosted enhancements and a fexible workforce of domain experts.

By focusing on acquiring the top talent in some of India's lesser-known cities, we've grown from a team of five to over 1,900+ employees across 5 offices, serving some of the world’s most successful eCommerce companies.